Dungeons Dragons

A group of six people who sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons. We try to get together at least once a month and alternate between campaign arcs, to give both DMs a chance to be a player as well.

Campaign #1: Azarah

The DM for this campaign is a friend of ours.

Our party consists of:

  • Alalia Azura
    My character. I am a short, mouse-haired artificer who just *loves* magical items. I had crafted this really cool mechanical spider, but due to, uhh, unforeseen circumstances and accidental demon possession, the spider was taken from me. I have meanwhile created a new, smaller model, a fairy named Ravi.

  • Alistair Thorne
    The most dreamy paladin you’ve ever seen. He’s tall, strong, handsome, has the prettiest hair… oh, and I guess he was also possessed by a celestial that wants to kill me, but we can’t all be perfect.

  • William Wigglemace
    This guy has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard but he’s a bit stuck up, if you ask me. He just lost his dad, though, in a weird Orc incident.

  • Xyrzira Wolero
    Or Wololo, or something. I don’t know much about her.

  • Illitran
    I don’t know his last name or if he even has one. He seems to really dislike illusion magic and orcs.

Campaign #2: Nalara

The DM for this campaign is my boyfriend.

Our party consists of:

  • Ji’Qan Dina
    My character. I am a white Tabaxi, acrobat turned monk who joined the Seraphim Custodians, an order out to collect and protect knowledge.

  • Rytssin Flamescowl
    The only organised member of this party. He seems to be the leader, he keeps his cool and makes the deals.

  • César Barbebois
    A very laid-back dude who likes to, err, smoke some stuff in the park with me. He likes my beer. He seems to like animals a lot.

  • Fractalia of Irona
    A shiny Dragonborn who seems to know how to handle a sword. Little bit of a temper, she seems to get along with Brimstone well.

  • Ronald of Dryrock
    I don’t know about this guy. He has a cool little dragon, Brimstone. He summoned a demon in an unsafe place and he’s probably kind of mad at me for ratting him out.

Project: The Rule of Seven

A campaign handbook I’m working on. More info coming somewhere before 2027.