Can’t choose between Stardew Valley SMAPI 2.5.5 and beta 1.3? Why not both?!

I hadn’t played Stardew Valley in a while. A couple of days ago, my friends hit me up saying Stardew Valley co-op is out. I did what any former addict would do: relapse.

I installed the game again, got beta set up and got started on a new co-op file. My boyfriend and my friend joined me, it was lots of fun – but soon the nostalgia started creeping in again. I want my flashy grass mod, I want different trees, I want a different farmhouse, I miss the Automate mod, etc. But these mods aren’t updated yet – and the beta isn’t a stable release yet anyway. So I was faced with a difficult decision: either I am social and play mod-less but with friends, or I ditch the friends and get SMAPI again. I thought long and hard on it, until I realised… why not both?

Check out my Steam Guide “How to play vanilla co-op 1.3 beta *and* modded SMAPI 2.5.5 at the same time“. Enjoy!