Can’t choose between Stardew Valley SMAPI 2.5.5 and beta 1.3? Why not both?!

I hadn’t played Stardew Valley in a while. A couple of days ago, my friends hit me up saying Stardew Valley co-op is out. I did what any former addict would do: relapse.

I installed the game again, got beta set up and got started on a new co-op file. My boyfriend and my friend joined me, it was lots of fun – but soon the nostalgia started creeping in again. I want my flashy grass mod, I want different trees, I want a different farmhouse, I miss the Automate mod, etc. But these mods aren’t updated yet – and the beta isn’t a stable release yet anyway. So I was faced with a difficult decision: either I am social and play mod-less but with friends, or I ditch the friends and get SMAPI again. I thought long and hard on it, until I realised… why not both?

Check out my Steam Guide “How to play vanilla co-op 1.3 beta *and* modded SMAPI 2.5.5 at the same time“. Enjoy!

Stardew Valley checklists

For those of you who are completionists and enjoy organised checklists, I present to you: my Stardew Valley Museum & Community Center Checklist!

Just add an ‘x’ to the items you have turned in to mark them in green. The file knows how many of each bundle you need to complete it, and will show the bundle in green when you’ve reached the required amount of items.

It also tells you where / when / how you can get certain items.

Just get the file from here, download it and start tracking! It’s advised you make a local copy rather than use it in Google Spreadsheets, because it messes up the layout.

Happy collecting!


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