Quick guide to extracting, editing and repackaging .XNB-files

Quick guide to extracting, editing and repackaging .XNB-files

1. XNBExtract

Download XNBExtract and extract it to a folder.

2. Extracting the .xnb file

Pick a file to edit and copy it to the PACKED folder.

Run the UnpackFiles.bat file.

There are now two files in the UNPACKED folder:

3. Edit the .png-file

The .yaml file is a config file we will not be editing. The .png file is what it’s all about. As an example, let’s change the colour of the tv:

Save the file in the UNPACKED folder.

4. Re-packaging the .xnb-file

Run the PackFiles.bat file.

The furniture.xnb in the PACKED folder is overwritten with your edit.

5. Adding it to the game

Copy the furniture.xnb-file back to its original location. (Make a back-up, you know, just in case.) Then load up the game, et voilà:

Have fun making minor edits and getting carried away, like, you could recreate all the furniture you want and spend 22 hours remodeling your favourite sofas. Or something. I don’t know.