I have tried and tried again to keep a blog, and I have made my peace with the fact that I will never be a regular blogger, but instead will only make functional posts with things I want to share.

Thinking Inside The Box is what that is for. It has been my blog for several years now, but I decided it needed a fresh start. I will post whatever comes to mind, whether that is a guide to a game, a drawing I made, a bujo page I am proud of, a photo of my pets I want to share — whatever is inside my head and wants to get out.

Check out the blog page for my blog posts.

About me

About me

My name is Amy, and together with my boyfriend Kevin and our two rabbits called Alice and Arthur, I live in an apartment in Leuven, Belgium.


Aside from spending an immense amount of time just staring at these little fluffballs and giving them all my love, I like to play video games in my free time. When I’m not rabbiting or gaming, you can usually find me either reading, drawing, web designing or watching superhero / anime series or films. I have recently picked up a new hobby called “bullet journaling”, of which you’ll find more in my blog as well.



Professional life

Professionally, I am currently working at Relaitron, a company specialised in safety (fire safety, intrusion detection, camera surveillance, etc.)

I am here on a 6 month project to redesign and update interal documentation and training materials as well as brochures, document headers, maintenance logs, etc. Find me on LinkedIn for my full resume with more detailed job descriptions.

I will be working here until the end of October. Should you have or know of an interesting vacancy opening up by then, don’t hesitate to contact me!